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A new and interactive service which is an integration of Relationship, Permission and Targeted Marketing Services. SMS Marketing is generally used by organisation to grow and maintain its existing customer base as well as to reach new readily available customer database. Being the pioneer in the business, we offer quality and accountable marketing packages which not only helps our customers to increase their customer base but also to maintain them. Our customer database is categorised and filtered based on the following main criteria:

a) Age
b) Gender
c) Race
d) Location (postcode & city)
e) Marital Status
f) Occupation
g) Salary Range
h) Interest

For more information on the reliability and cost effectiveness of our marketing packages, please contact
one of our marketing consultants for more details.

Whether it is a Product Launching, Annual Dinner, Wedding, Corporate Event or Private Function, we are able to fulfill your needs and requirements in all aspects.

Discover and explore the solution to your catering needs. From the modest to the magnificent - We focus on your preferences and needs. We are specialised in Full Service Ala-Carte & Buffet Catering. With professionalism and style, we cater to Weddings, Wine Dinners, Launchings and Special Events. We offer different types of cuisines such as Italian, French, Western & Fusion. Some of our exclusivity include On & Off-Site Catering & Private Chef Service. Our private chef service can be specially arranged and provided by our In-House Award Winning Chef. Combining our extensive knowledge and success to offer you a wonderful experience where aesthetics and service are paramount. We constantly strive to provide the highest quality in terms of our food and services to all our customers. Your satisfaction is our pride and priority. For more details and sample menu, please click here.

Offering the most efficient and cost effective multimedia design and printing services in the market, we guarantee our customers the best quality in terms of media designs and printing especially in business cards, flyers and website development. We are proud to be able to directly deliver your order to any location in Malaysia within 5 working days from the day of confirming your order. Currently, we are in the midst of developing a special new online service that will be launched soon. For the latest promotions and current packages, please click here.